Dry high quality SRF from MSW - with moisture contents under 20% guaranteed!

Bio-DryTM in action

CONVAERO’s Bio-Dry™ technology is already being successfully deployed at five sites, several others are in development. Alltogether more than 600,000 tonnes of MSW are treated annually with Bio-Dry™. SRF generated with our biological and cost-minimised process reliably shows moisture contents below 20% - that's guaranteed. More


CV Film Teaserbild

The power of waste

For us, waste is not a problem, but an opportunity. An opportunity to create a valuable new energy source. In a world where raw materials are scarce, harnessing the power of existing resources is key. And it is a crucial step towards a greener, better future. More


The Bio-DryTM system

Bio-Dry™ technology is based on an entirely biological process. Bacteria already present in the waste decompose organic matter beneath a semi-permeable membrane. The heat generated causes moisture to evaporate – an odourless process that reduces mass and leaves behind a dry, almost odourless substance. More


The efficiency calculator

Bio-Dry™ is a highly cost-effective way to dry municipal solid waste (MSW) and biomass, significantly reducing volume and saving landfill costs. It cuts CAPEX and OPEX for operators. And the best thing: derived products can be used as an alternative fuel. More

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